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Dear people defending PoC under representation in Disney media 

If your argument includes or indeed relies upon the word ‘accurate’ stop.

Arguing that a fictional story that features fictional characters in a fictional setting, which can include but is not limited to:

must be ethnically accurate is racist. You are not arguing for accuracy. You are arguing for a white privilege that allows the exposure of fair-skinned people at the exclusion of non-fair-skinned/PoC people.

Pointing out that there is an underrepresentation of PoC’s in mainstream media does not make mainstream media automatically racist. Whilst some people might be angry about it, fine, let them be angry about it. PoC’s are under represented in centralised roles in mainstream media. This is a fact. Pointing it out doesn’t do anything except pointing it out.

Crying out that the under representation is ‘accurate’ or ‘realistic’ for the setting, whilst ignoring that there are other elements that are heinously inaccurate or unlikely, makes YOUR ARGUMENT racist. Get it? The movies are not racist. What you are SAYING is. Basically what you are saying is that everything is permissible in a fictional story except ethnic inaccuracy, whilst the portrayal of fair-skinned or Caucasian actors in lieu of non-white or PoC roles is very fucking common.

Equal representation is not that there are enough PoC roles to ‘placate’ the masses. Equal representation is not ‘give the PoC people some PoC roles’. Equal representation is when a non-white person is cast in a typically white person setting and no one bats an eyelash.

  ·  Seriously fucking sick of this Frozen shit  ·  I get it there's a predominant white representation in Disney movies  ·  And I get it that it's 'accurate'  ·  And honestly I'm not mad I just roll my eyes  ·  And I am all for people having their own sides  ·  But people playing the 'accuracy' card when race pops up shits me up the wall  ·  Disney  ·  Representation  ·  285  ·

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    Considering America was colonised by white Europeans the point is moot. Because there are a lot of folk tales and fairy...
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    history not reals. only feels.
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